Proper Maintenance of Batteries

Proper Maintenance of Batteries

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People who own mid-size boats & have complaints about battery & its performance, they should consider proper maintenance of their mid-size boat batteries as it is important to keep the batteries clean & dry all the time. If you need more help on boat batteries call Boat Shop In San Diego

As mid-sized boats or any sized boats do bounce on some occasions caused by big waves & when boats bounce around, the batteries which are made of lead acid may spill out electrolyte fluid through the top. This process can create an excellent path for stray current on the boat & can be the cause of the early discharge of the battery.

Do remember to clean your mid-size batteries top with a damp sponge or a dry rag. This should be taken care at least twice in a year.

Try to avoid Batteries from sitting on a wet damp surface. Why is this step necessary?

To make you understand the importance of this step, let’s take a completely charged battery & do place it on a dry concrete floor. There is a high possibility that it will discharge right through the casing in less than a week. In most cases, even the plastic casing is not a total isolator. The people who do most surveys do frequently find batteries sitting directly in the bilge water, or possible on a deck that can easily get wet from water leaks from above.

When you are purchasing a battery box then make sure that it has a hole in the bottom that will let the water drain out. Do remember to rinse the bottom of the batter boxes occasionally with fresh water to remove spilled acid.